Trump Inu was developed by the team behind $TUCKER and features identical tokenomics:

βž” 100 billion (100B) total tokens.
βž” 40% airdropped to $TUCKER
βž” 60% pre-sale.

No further minting permitted; renounced contract/liquidity locked indefinitely.
1% trade tax on buys and sells ensures that while you’re trading, you’re also contributing to a cause greater than your portfolio.
50% of the trade tax is allocated to donations supporting MAGA campaign.
The remaining 50% fuels LP additions and aggressive marketing campaigns, ensuring Trump Inu’s message spreads far and wide.
The believers in the Tucker team’s vision are rewarded with a massive airdrop of 40%, captured in a snapshot without pre-announced timing.
$TUCKER holders get $TRUMP INU airdropped to their wallets based on the proportion of $TUCKER they hold.
The rest? Offered on pre-sale, funding not just the initial liquidity pool but a marketing blitzkrieg to echo through the cryptoverse.

30% of the Trump Inu pre-sale raise will be used for buy-backs-and-burns, an automatic feature that allows us to buy tokens and burn them by sending them to the Ethereum burn wallet, ensuring the longevity of the token.
The Trump Inu team is assembling the largest marketing team it’s had since the inception of the project.
Investors will always be protected. The contract will be developed by a professional auditor who will analyze every function for safety, and renounce ownership at launch.
The team will remain on alert about VP nominations (possibly in June 2024) and make a VP coin, airdropping 50% to $TUCKER and 50% to $TRUMP INU holders automatically.