Trump Inu was developed by the team behind $TUCKER . In essence, TRUMP INU has the same tokonomas as TUCKER. There’s a total of 100 billion total TRUMP INU tokens.

  • 40% (40B) airdropped to $TUCKER holders.
  • 60% (60B) pre-sale.

No further minting permitted; renounced contract/liquidity locked indefinitely.

1% trade tax on buys and sells ensures that while you’re trading, you’re also contributing to a cause greater than your portfolio.

The believers in the Tucker team’s vision are rewarded with a massive airdrop of 40%, captured in a snapshot without pre-announced timing.  

$TUCKER holders get $TRUMP INU airdropped to their wallets based on the proportion of $TUCKER they hold. We will handle the airdrop manually after snapshot, calculate the percentages, and deliver the $TRUMP INU prior to lunching the coin.

The remainder 60% of the supply will go on pre-sale, funding not just the initial liquidity pool but a marketing blitzkrieg to echo through the cryptoverse.